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ABCDNet is the Biodiversity Asia web,connecting all biodiversity databases in Asia countries. We are always keen towelcome new memberships, whether individuals, national organizations orinternational organizations. With more memberships from different Asia countries,especially from the most biodiversity-rich areas, ABCDNet would become morecomplete and representative.

How to join us?

To become a member in ABCDNet, an officialletter of intent to Scientific Committee is needed, expressing intent to sign the MoU. The lettershould state the organization is in agree with the mission in principal,outline the willingness to share biodiversity data and actively participate inthe implementation of the ABCDNet programme.

Letters of intent signed by ministerial departmentshould include information on the organization. The Scientific Committee willconsider all petitions for membership status and will determine if theapplication meets the requirements of the MoU and ABCDNet rules.