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Global Thematic Databases ---- Fungi

Index Fungorum is a community resource currently co-ordinated and supported by the following partnership: Landcare Research and RBG Kew : Mycology (the custodians). The custodians, either collectively or individually, claim no IPR over the compilation, which correctly reside with the many contributors, including the custodians. It is free of any charge to the community on a non-commercial use basis.

Mycology.Net -An Internet Portal Presenting Information about Diversity of Fungi. The Mycology.Net has been established as a non-commercial scientific data platform for linking mycological and lichenological websites in a structured way. It provide access to online data on the biodiversity of fungi, including lichens, especially their taxonomy, distribution, phylogeny, descriptive characters, collections, literature etc inform about mycological institutions, journals, databases (link sections) and persons engaged in mycology reach scientists all over the world and invite them to use the platform and to help improving the quality and quantity of data maintain a discussion forum for mycological subjects and the further development of the platform itself.