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President of Chinese Academy of Sciences met with Royal Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

On April 7, Prof. BaiChunli, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Honorary President of University of CAS (UCAS), met with Royal Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in UCAS.

Prof. Bai Chunli welcomed Princess Sirindhorn and showed his deep appreciation for her continuous efforts to support the scientific and educational cooperation between China andThailand. He said that CAS highly valued the cooperation with Thailand’s scientific institutions and had signed a series of agreements with Thai universities, institutes and research foundations recently. He hoped that both sides will continue to deepen such cooperation after her visit. The visit of Royal Thai Princess will undoubtedly further promote the scientific and technological cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Prof. Bai introducedthe CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship, which was set in 2013 when he was the Chair of TWAS. So far, more than 40 Thai students have studied in UCAS. To havemore Thai scholars and students to an better understanding of UCAS and CAS, Prof.Bai suggested to set up international summer  school project. He also introduced CAS’s planto create an Innovation Cooperation Center in Bangkok, which aims to facilitate the cooperation in the depth research, personnel training between enterprises and institutes of CAS with the Thai scientific research institutions.

Royal Thai Princess Sirindhorn said that during her first visit to CAS, she thought there was huge potential in the cooperation between Thai scientific institutions and CAS. Thus, she visited CAS together with a lot of Thailand professors and senior administrative staffs every time  in order to promote bilateral cooperation. After signing the Memory of Understanding with UCAS, Thai will send more students to study in China. She hoped to carry out the undergraduate exchange program with UCAS soon.

The two sides also witnessed the Ceremony for Renewing the Memorandum of Understanding for the UCAS-Royal Thai Government Scholarship. Prof. Ding Zhongli, Vice President of CAS and President of UCAS, Prof. Wu Yueliang, Vice President of UCAS, signed the MOU on behalf of UCAS, together with Mr. Pairash Thajchayapong, Secretary General of the National Science and Technology Development Agency Building and Mr. MethiniThepmani, Secretary-General of the Office of the Civil Service Commission,Thailand.  

Under this MOU, more and more cooperation between CAS and Thai scientific and educational institutions will be carried out in the future. Biodiversity Committee, CAS also expects more cooperation with Thai colleagues in biodiversity research, especially through the Asia Biodiversity Conservationand Database Network (ABCDNet).