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Gallery of Birds in China was online

On March 20, the online ceremony of the Gallery of Birds in China was held in Beijing. This database ( was sorted according the "A checklist on the classification and distribution of the birds of China (Third Edition)", written by Academician ZHENG Guangmei. There are over 80,000 pictures in the database, covering all the 1445 bird species in China. The China Wildlife Conservation Association is the Consulting organization. The online system is maintained by China Wildlife Conservation Association Eco Image Culture Committee and BirdNet.

BirdNet Introduction

According to Mr. DUAN Wenke, the founder of BirdNet (, this information system was one of the biggest bird gallery in China. All the pictures in the web were shared by bird watchers. BirdNet has been online for 13 years, involving over 10 million users including ecological photographers, ornithologists, scholars, environmentalists from 130 countries/areas. The annual visit was about 500 million persons.  

From Green Time Paper: