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Virtual workshop planned on "Advancing the Catalogue of the World's Natural History Collections"


On behalf of numerous partners and stakeholders, GBIF will convene a virtual workshop and international consultation in March and April 2020 with the aim of fleshing out a shared vision, road map and set of priorities for developing the scope, content and services included in a catalogue of the world’s natural history collections.

The workshop will consist of two parts:

  • Two two-hour preparatory webinars (scheduled nine time zones apart to support wider global participation) in which participants will discuss a draft ideas paper to be released around 24 February

  • An open, facilitated online consultation running between 17-29 April 2020

“Advancing the Catalogue of the World’s Natural History Collections” is the first of three that GBIF will lead as part of the European Commission-funded SYNTHESYS+ project.


GBIF will organize three workshops to help “major international stakeholders to develop the global collections research agenda” within the SYNTHESYS+ NA5 Internationalization work package. These workshops are a contribution to the efforts of the biodiversity informatics community to develop sustainable, cost-effective, scientifically relevant and internationally applicable networks and systems for managing and using biodiversity information.

The participatory consultation will test a virtual alternative to a face-to-face workshop. We hope that it will both enable wider participation by interested stakeholders around the world and reduce the carbon footprint of biodiversity informatics. See ‘Why a virtual workshop?’ for a more extensive discussion of the approach and its rationale.

“Advancing the Catalogue of the World’s Natural History Collections” will provide inputs into several intersecting initiatives, including but not limited to:

The consultation aims to offer value to all of these efforts, but more particularly to provide a common vision, road map and set of priorities for efficient and seamless interoperability between their platforms and for tools and services based on accurate and current collection information.

For more detailed information, please visit GBIF news website