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Asia Red List

Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. It covers 8.7% of the Earth's total surface area and comprises 30%of its land area. Among 34 biodiversity hot spots identified by Conservation International, about one third distributes in Asia. However, Asian countries are experiencing severe threats to their biodiversity rich areas and ecosystems. Visit here for detailed dataset references.

Newly update(2015-3-19): Sri Lanka red list: 1,751 records.
Newly update(2015-7-4): Republic of Korea red list: 799 records.
Newly update(2015-12-27): China red list (Animalia): 4,357 records.
Newly update(2016-4-7): Red list information of Malaysia Mammal: 65 records.
Newly update(2016-12-30): Korean Red List of Threatened Species: 528 records.


CountryScientific NameYear AssessedRegional StatusCriteria UsedLevel
ChinaAbies ferreana var. ferreana2013LCIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies ferreana var. longibracteata2013VUIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies forrestii2013LCIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies georgei var. georgei2013LCIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies georgei var. smithii2013LCIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies holophylla2013LCIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies kawakamii2013LCIUCN 3.1National
Chinese TaiwanAbies kawakamii2012LEAST CONCERNIUCN 3.1Regional
Republic of KoreaAbies koreana 2012ENIUCN 3.1National
Republic of KoreaAbies koreana2014ENIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies nephrolepis2013LCIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies nukiangensis2013VUIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies recurvata2013VUIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies sibirica2013ENIUCN 3.1National
MongoliaAbies sibirica2011 Endangered, B2ab(i,ii) IUCNNational
ChinaAbies spectabilis2013VUIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies squamata2013VUIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies yuanbaoshanensis2013CRIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbies ziyuanensis2013ENIUCN 3.1National
ChinaAbietinella abietina2013LCIUCN 3.1National